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Atlanta is one of the most vibrant and growing technology hubs in the US. While the city may not be well known for its tech industry, it’s clear when looking at the number of tech companies in the area and the strength of the labor market that Atlanta’s tech sector can expect to realize massive growth.


In 2019, Atlanta was ranked ninth on CBRE’s Tech Talent Scorecard, which ranks 50 US and Canadian tech job markets according to their ability to attract and grow tech talent. According to CBRE, Atlanta’s tech market ranks higher than that of Los Angeles in terms of the aforementioned qualities and has seen a 29.1% increase in size over the last five years.


Given Atlanta’s promising technology job market, it is no surprise that the city has seen an increase in coding bootcamps. In fact, Atlanta is home to a number of national, local, and regional bootcamps.


Our team at BootcampsAtlanta collected information from LinkedIn and Glassdoor to assess Atlanta’s technology job market. Our data covers the number of bootcamp alumni in Atlanta in 2019, the size of its bootcamp market, the top companies that hire in the local job market, and more.


For this study, we looked at the following 11 bootcamps serving Atlanta and local surrounding areas:



If you’re interested in learning more about the Atlanta tech job market, this study is for you.


Atlanta Coding Bootcamp Market Size


Atlanta Coding Bootcamp Market Size


After analyzing 11 local coding bootcamps in Atlanta, we found that these schools educated 1,173 students in 2019. This statistic includes anyone who has listed an Atlanta-based coding bootcamp on their LinkedIn profile, which includes enrollees and graduates of each bootcamp. Of note, this includes in-person coding bootcamps, online coding bootcamps, and enterprise training solutions.


Atlanta Coding Bootcamp Tuition


Tuition for in-person Atlanta coding bootcamps in 2019 ranged from $1,765 to $17,000, with a median tuition of $7,000. Courses last between 8 weeks and 26 weeks; the median course length is 16 weeks.


Based on our determination of 1,173 in-person students and graduates in 2019, we estimate total tuition revenue for these schools to be $8,211,000 in 2019. We calculated this number by multiplying the median tuition for Atlanta coding bootcamps by the number 2019 students and graduates. This number does not take into account scholarships and reduced payment plans offered to individual students.


Four coding bootcamps that serve students in Atlanta (DigitalCrafts, Thinkful, General Assembly, and Flatiron School) offer income share agreements as a method of financing for students. However, the most popular methods of payment in 2019 were upfront payment, month-to-month or installment plans, and loans.


Top Atlanta Employers for Bootcamp Graduates


Top Atlanta Employers for Bootcamp Graduates


A number of successful technology companies that employ large technical workforces have hubs in the greater Atlanta area. To name a few, Amazon, Infor, MailChimp, SAP, and Microsoft all have offices in the Atlanta area. In addition, there is a large number of other technology companies in the area who have hired graduates from coding bootcamps.


We used data from LinkedIn to identify the top Atlanta employers who hired bootcamp graduates in 2019. In addition, to attempt to better understand potential bootcamp relationships with local employers, we used this data to determine the top bootcamps that placed students into these companies in 2019. Here are the top ten companies that hired graduates from an Atlanta coding bootcamp in 2019:


  • The Home Depot
  • Institen
  • Cox Automotive
  • Chick-fil-A Corporate
  • Riskalyze
  • CodeMettle, LLC
  • Accenture
  • CNN
  • NCR Corporation


DigitalCrafts placed more graduates into these companies than any other local Atlanta bootcamp. We suspect this was, at least in part, a result of the number of years they have operated and their focus specifically on the Atlanta job market compared to smaller bootcamps in the area.


Tech Job Market in Atlanta


Tech Job Market in Atlanta


Atlanta has a strong job market for workers in its technology industry, both in terms of salaries and jobs available.


If you’ve spent any time researching salaries for tech careers around the country, salaries in Atlanta may appear lower than you’d expect. However, considering the low cost of living in the city, the average salaries commanded by local tech workers is impressive. In addition, as you advance in your career, the salary you can expect to earn will increase further.


According to Glassdoor, here are the average annual salaries for a few of the top technology jobs in Atlanta as of March 2019:



Atlanta Tech Job Sectors


In addition to high salaries, there are large numbers of jobs available in the above fields. Here are the number of positions open for a few of the top technology jobs in Atlanta,  as of March 2019, according to Glassdoor:



Atlanta Bootcamp Graduate Skills


Atlanta Bootcamp Graduate Skills


Coding bootcamps in Atlanta teach their students a wide range of technical skills to prepare them for jobs in the local market.


The top three skills taught at Atlanta bootcamps are all focused on web development. Using LinkedIn data, we found that 647 Atlanta bootcamp graduates reported knowing how to code in JavaScript, 586 graduates reported knowing CSS, and 415 graduates reported knowing HTML. The next most popular skill reported by graduates was Node.js—also commonly used in web development—with 373 graduates reporting they held the skill.


In addition, Python and SQL were also popular skills reported by Atlanta coding bootcamp graduates, with 337 and 332 graduates reporting they knew those skills, respectively. These skills are often used in software engineering and data analysis. 


Here is our breakdown of the top 10 skills held by Atlanta coding bootcamp students and graduates, according to the LinkedIn profiles of people who have listed an Atlanta coding bootcamp on their profile:


Skill Students and Graduates
JavaScript 647
CSS 586
HTML 745
Node.js 373
Python 337
jQuery 336
React.js 334
SQL 332
Git 245
Express.js 242




If you’re ready to break into a career in technology, Atlanta can be a good place to get started. For technical workers, Atlanta has a strong local job market that offers both high salaries and a large number of open positions. The strength of the Atlanta job market applies to all core fields in technology, ranging from iOS development to web development.

Atlanta is also home to a number of coding bootcamps, each of which have developed relationships with local employers and have placed graduates at top Atlanta companies.

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