Atlanta residents know that their tech scene is jumping. Everywhere you look in the city, you find new businesses taking root and establishing a foothold, and they all need tech workers. Having a good idea of the fastest-growing industries in Atlanta ensures that you tailor your training and helps you find a rewarding gig at a hot startup in the city. Our look at the top industries in Atlanta sets you up for a lifetime of fat paychecks and satisfying jobs.


Look no further for your guidance. We put together this article to give you a view of industries on the rise and show you which tech jobs fit into these white-hot business sectors. We compare the tech salaries with the average wages promulgated by U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and you also get information on the sorts of training required to let you throw your hat in the ring and start making serious bank.


Game Development


Mario and friends on a handheld device
Take advantage of everyone’s love for gaming.


Video game development is an industry that seems to have matured without anyone noticing. Games are one of the most profitable sectors for companies, and the successful ones rake in billions of dollars a year. Atlanta has a robust presence in the gaming sphere, and those companies need game developers. Game developers in Atlanta see annual salaries of between $40,000 and $64,000 a year, which comes in considerably under the national average but is right for Atlanta, which has a low cost of living compared to other regions.


The languages you need to learn to become a game developer depend on the platform for which you program, but a few codes are indispensable. Learn Java, JavaScript, C++, and Python to be a competitive candidate. Objective-C and CSS3 are also must-haves for the well-rounded game developer. And work on your creativity by building games on your own time to demonstrate your experience and skills to hiring managers.


Video Production


A video camera
Contribute to the conversation for a nice paycheck.


Atlanta is one of the major video production centers of the United States, and the future is bright. It’s much less expensive to film and produce media content in Atlanta than Los Angeles—local tax breaks and other incentives make the city an appealing home base for Turner and other media giants. Video production requires lots of networking support, and that means you make bank if you have the right abilities. Network video specialists make $69,000 or more in Atlanta, which is 4% under the national wage rate.


To be an attractive job candidate for video networking positions, pick up certifications in network design and support from Cisco, Sun, or another major network service and equipment provider. The training courses and exams offered by these companies give you the kind of practical experience companies look for when they hire an engineer. With a little study and practice, your salary will skyrocket.




Two people performing surgery
Get paid to keep people healthy and happy.


Many countries including the U.S. have large populations of senior citizens, and many of them require regular healthcare. Atlanta is no exception as it builds more hospitals, labs, and clinics each year. Healthcare in Atlanta is a computer- and server-based business, though, and the new health centers need systems administrators to keep them serving patients. Systems administrators in Atlanta businesses see salaries that top $62,000 a year, roughly 4% under the national average.


Server management and architecture requires lots of training on equipment. If you don’t have access to servers, set up a home lab with used or virtual equipment. Study up on Linux, upon which sysadmins rely every day. Red Hat and Ubuntu are the two most popular versions, and getting good at both put you at an advantage come interview time. Pick up training on Windows and macOS, too.




Money makes the world go ‘round.


Atlanta is a hotbed for high tech finance, and more institutions spring up all the time. Finances have always relied upon data, but today’s financial structures live and die by the information they have available and are able to interpret. Data analysts make their bones by interpreting data and translating it for customers and executives. Atlanta finance pays the professionals $61,000 and more, depending on work history. That’s lower than the national rate by about 3%, but local conditions give you extra spending power.


If you want to be a successful data analyst, brush up your soft skills and your programming chops. Perl, Python, JavaScript, and CSS all come into play in data analysis, and math abilities pay off big time. Pay attention to your communication and teamwork expertise, as much of a data analyst’s job consists of ensuring that non-technical management, clients, and team members stay updated on data trends and results.


So there you go, hopeful tech workers. Metro Atlanta is a prime location for people with technical abilities and interests, and there are lots of up-and-coming business sectors happy to hire them. Our examination of Atlanta’s fast-growing industries shows you which fields are wide open and ready for you to make your mark.

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