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Atlanta’s tech scene is a wide-open playground if you have the skills that companies want. There are promising startups all across Atlanta that would love to pay you to exercise your smarts at their company, but it’s crucial to know which professions pay the best. Having an idea of the highest-paying jobs in Atlanta sets you up for success and job satisfaction. With a lead on the tech jobs in Atlanta that pay the best, you have a goal and understand the training required to qualify for those gigs.

Never fear, intrepid employment seekers. This guide is just the thing to help you set up a training program and start preparing for your new career. We look at salaries for security engineers, mobile developers, full-stack developers, and more, and we compare the local pay against the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. It won’t be long before you have the skills and direction necessary to enter an in-demand tech profession.

Security Engineer

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Companies pay through the nose for peace of mind.

The convenience and power that a digital presence affords businesses is a double-edged sword. Nefarious entities probe private networks all the time to try and get a claw inside the door and snatch valuable information. To protect their proprietary data and customer information, Atlanta businesses happily pay through the nose for security engineers. The job pays $85,000 in the city, which is $15,000 less than the national average but still in line with local costs.

As a security engineer, your bread and butter are networks and server infrastructure. To maintain them and keep them shielded from intrusion, pick up some network security certifications. Major network service companies like Cisco and Sun have training courses tailored to security concerns. Along with your network education, spend some time getting familiar with Linux and Perl—you will work with both technologies regularly.

Mobile Developer

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Make mobile devices smarter for cash.

Mobile apps are everywhere and offer all types of services. Modern businesses rely on their mobile offerings to reach customers and remain profitable. Mobile app developers are in the driver’s seat when it comes to salary around Atlanta—they make $89,000 and better, depending on work experience. If you have a knack for making computers bend to your will and enjoy working with math and languages, you might be perfect for life as a mobile programmer.

Mobile developers have the same basic knowledge as all developers, so training in JavaScript, HTML, Python, and more are all musts. It is also recommended to study mobile-friendly languages, including Objective-C, Java, and C#. Become familiar with the development cycle and how it manages team progress. Create projects on your own time to gain experience and show hiring managers that you’re serious about the work.

Full Stack Developer

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If you have full stack skills, you can make big stacks of dollars.

App development focuses on front end, or customer-facing, and back end, or server-side, programming to create complete products. The two areas require somewhat different skills, and many programmers specialize in one or the other. That makes the folks who have skills in both fields—also called full stack developers—worth their weight in gold to Atlanta businesses. Full stack programmers command salaries in excess of $85,000, which is about 19% below national average rates.

It takes a bit of study to pick up all the required skills for a full stack programmer, but the extra work pays off in quicker advancements and higher salaries. Study the usual roster of front end languages, including Python, JavaScript, Java, and more. Get familiar with database management by learning MySQL, SQLLite, and MongoDB, and train up on working with back end frameworks like Express.jss. 

Data Warehouse Architect

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Like this, but the pallets are full of data.

The rise of Big Data in business has led to a concurrent rise in data warehousing. All that data requires secure storage, and software engineers with the right skill set can clean up as a result. Data warehouse architects work behind the scenes and manipulate the nuts and bolts to create the infrastructure suitable for capturing and storing data for further analysis. The job pays well in Atlanta—you’ll find salaries of $109,000 a year in the region, which is well above the national estimate of $105,000.

Get good at database and storage architecture to qualify for this position. Study up on Oracle, SQL, NoSQL, and SAN and NAS technologies. The more networking you know in this field, the better you’ll be. So, take a few Cisco or Sun certification courses to pick up practical experience and to familiarize yourself with the concepts behind data warehousing.

And that’s the whole setup, my friends. Tech skills in Atlanta equal outstanding wages if you select the right career path. Our guide gives you a rundown of the tech jobs in Atlanta that pay the best and lets you know how to pick up experience and education, so you get in on the action.

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