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Atlanta nTier Training is an IT education center with several bootcamps. This program is designed for companies to train their workforces, and for workers to learn new information and technology skills. The newest bootcamps offered by nTier training include the design patterns bootcamp and DevOps bootcamp. Other programs offered by nTier Training include object-oriented programming, three Java development bootcamps, and a software development bootcamp. These courses vary in length, curriculum, and intensity. Additionally, the software development courses can be taught in any object-oriented programming language.

Additional Info

In the new design patterns bootcamp, students focus on C++. Java, Python, and other design-related coding languages. This is an object-oriented programming course and will cover 23 design patterns. Students who enroll for this bootcamp need at least six months of Java development experience. The DevOps course is an instructor-led program that focuses on DevOps and associated tools. Students should have some prior development or operations experience before attending, though it’s not required. The object-oriented bootcamp focuses on leverage inheritance, polymorphism, and encapsulation using student-requested languages. Students need six months of Java programming experience to attend this course. The short, two-week Java development bootcamp has no prerequisites and covers object-oriented programming using Java and similar languages. The four-week and eight-week Java development bootcamps cover the same basic topics as the two-week program, with more in-depth activities and lessons.

Schedules between bootcamps vary, and the courses aren’t completely rigid in scheduling. The new design patterns bootcamp runs for five to ten days, and the new DevOps bootcamp runs for only 3 days. These are short-term programs because they focus on a specific aspect of programming. Longer programs are also available through nTier Training. These include three Java development bootcamps, which are available in two-week, one month, or two-month arrangements. The final short-term bootcamp offered by nTier Training is the software development bootcamp, which runs for ten days.

At this time, nTier Training offers little information about student job placement from its coding bootcamps. However, much of nTier Training’s courses aim to help professionals gain new skills for the companies they already work for. Students will learn skills during these courses that can also help them increase their odds of finding a job in the industry. However, the program does publish ‘overall client satisfaction’ statistics, stating that 96% of clients are satisfied and 90% return for additional programs.

At this time, tuition prices are not available without inquiry. Prospective clients can find out more about program costs by contacting nTier Training directly.  The course is located in Atlanta, but also maintains campuses in other locations around the country.

Programs Pace

Full-time, Part-time

Programs Available

Frontend, Full Stack, UX Design, Data Science, Cybersecurity, Data Analytics

Financing Options

Upfront, Financing

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