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If you learn which tech skills Atlanta needs today and in the future, you’ll be giving yourself pathways to rewarding gigs at some of the most exciting startups in the city. With a direction in mind and some good information under your belt, your education gains focus. Knowing the most in-demand skills in Atlanta helps you in your training and sets you up for a lifetime of top pay and intriguing challenges. A little research is all it takes to give you the winning tools.


Worry not, Atlanta tech geniuses. Our look at the top tech skills in Atlanta shows you the fields that need your help right now. We give you job descriptions to let you know which highly demanded gigs guarantee you job security and excellent salaries and compare the salaries to the national averages according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. With our guidance, your quest for the perfect tech position is sure to end in success.


Web Developer


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Oh, those visual puns that play off the word “web.” They never get old, do they?


In today’s business environment, companies without a strong web presence play at a disadvantage. Web software engineers are white-hot and in top demand across all industries, so folks with a yen to flex their programming muscles are in luck. Web developers pull down salaries in excess of $68K. That’s just about the national average for the profession, and years of experience will increase your pay.


Hopeful web developers should have a deep knowledge of the programming languages used for coding web apps and sites. Get good at HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Python, and CSS to give yourself a fighting chance at landing the plum jobs. Learn the development cycle backward and forwards, and develop a clear understanding of how developers fit into the larger team and move projects from inception to completion.


Network Engineer


A person works on a patch panel
Turns out they pay you pretty good money to keep the fabric of society up and running.


Tech jobs supporting network infrastructure never go out of style, and Atlanta is no exception to this rule. Networks require constant attention and updating to support their businesses and keep them in the black. The folks who know how to keep the network operating command high salaries and never worry about where they’ll find their next gig. Atlanta pays network engineers salaries of $69K on average, about $10K under the national wage for the position.


To be a qualified candidate for network engineer roles, train up on network equipment and protocols. Sun and Cisco have certification paths and training programs that transform novices into network gurus in no time flat, and they offer classes to give students practical experience and hands-on time with switches, routers, and more. And the more operating system and programming knowledge you have, the more appealing you’ll be to hiring managers.


Security Engineer


Security fence and camera
Keep people out, for cash!


Security concerns have grown at the same rate as the digital presence in our businesses. There are lots of shady folks waiting to pounce on vulnerable data, and companies pay security specialists handsomely to ensure that their proprietary information and customer’s private data remain safe and out of the wrong hands. Security engineers bring home $86K or more in Atlanta, compared to the national estimate of $98K.


Server and network control is the name of the game when it comes to security engineering. Linux is the security expert’s best friend—pick up Red Hat at least, and learn Ubuntu and a few other flavors to really stand out. Pick up security network certifications through Cisco and Sun, both of which have special training tracks for the field. And study a few programming languages like Perl, which you’ll use regularly.


Data Engineer


A data chart
Make bank… helping the banks.


Big Data makes the business community sit up and take notice. A company that acquires the right data and analyzes it correctly understands market demands and reacts accordingly. Banks, manufacturing concerns, and other companies across the spectrum rely on efficient data collection and storage to allow for real-time analysis. If you have data engineering skills, Atlanta wants to pay you as much as $86K a year for your services. That’s about $4K less than the national average salary.


Database administration and network skills come into play when you jump into the world of data engineering. Train up in SQL, MapReduce, Hive, and machine learning. Pick up network certifications through one of Sun’s or Cisco’s online or in-person classes to become a master in data direction. Operating system knowledge comes into play often in the position, so take the time to bone up on Windows, MacOS, and Linux.


So that’s the deal, my happy techies. Atlanta is an ideal spot for the tech-inclined, but it’s essential to know the skills businesses in the region need the most. Our look at Atlanta’s top tech skills shows you the tech jobs businesses need and lets you know how to get the training to qualify for them.


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