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Considering its affordable cost of living, amazing weather, and great educational institutes, Atlanta has become one of the best spots for companies to develop innovative ideas.In this report, we identify some of Atlanta’s best companies in the tech industry and beyond that have come up with the greatest ideas. Here are the 30 best Atlanta startups that you should definitely not miss this year.


Performance Predictions


Performance Predictions team gathering at the office
Performance Predictions is looking to provide the best online sports experience.


Performance Predictions is the most popular legal alternative to mobile sports betting. They’ve developed an amazing software product / game called PrizePicks, which allows you to predict the results from a fantasy game with your favorite professional players. PrizePicks will 100% improve your betting skills . Performance Predictions’s mission is to increase sports fan engagement through innovative technology.




CryptoZink’s founder Mathieu Louis
CryptoZink is a company that provides valuable insights into the cryptocurrency industry.


CryptoZink provides you with real-time data about all types of cryptocurrencies. CryptoZink gives users and enthusiasts a bird’s-eye view of the current cryptocurrency dynamic so they can make intelligent decisions. Some of the valuable features that CryptoZink provides are cryptocurrency prices, news, and market capitalization.




DC BLOX’s CEO, Jeff Uphues
DC BLOX’s data centers are located in Atlanta, Birmingham, Chattanooga, and Huntsville.


DC BLOX is a data center company that provides an efficient infrastructure for the digital economy. DC BLOX has built tier 3 data centers in the southeastern United States. These data centers work with a high-speed optical network. 


For every company, it’s crucial to maintain data security to avoid terrible data breaches that could negatively affect the company. That’s why DC BLOX ensures top-notch data security in its hosting and cloud services.




SalesLoft team gathering in a corporate event
SalesLoft is revolutionizing the sales experience with its technology-oriented platform.


SalesLoft is an inbound marketing company that helps organizations and companies deliver a better sales experience. SalesLoft has developed intuitive software products that companies can use for sales emails and smart dialing. 


SalesLoft also offers an analytical tool that will help businesses track sales performance and customer experience. With SalesLoft, businesses can record calls or leave a voicemail drop to optimize the process and save time. 


SalesLoft has raised up to $70 million in a Series D round of funding.




Softgiving’s team gathering at the office
Softgiving’s mission is to increase the amount of money that communities make in their charitable campaigns.


Softgiving is a results-oriented fundraising platform that allows influencers to create charitable campaigns for particular causes. Softgiving’s intuitive platform shows you real-time data about your fundraising campaign that allows you to see the results immediately. One of the best aspects of Softgiving is that it charges a 0% fee for all campaign donations. This is the first charity platform in the market that implements this dynamic. 


Lucky Mobility


Lucky Mobility’s logo
Lucky Mobility shows you instant results of user data analysis.


Lucky Mobility is a technological marketing company that created a new way to attract and engage customers. They developed a platform that fosters out-of-home media marketing. Lucky Mobility has a reward feature that allows users to earn particular benefits, such as discounts or coupons, from a specific brand. Some of the benefits to companies using Lucky Mobility’s platform are significant engagement from customers and access to efficient user data analysis.




Groundfloor’s team gathering for a group photo
Groundfloor is the first company in the USA to earn an SEC qualification.


Groundfloor is a real estate lending company, and it’s actually the first one in the United States that’s open to non-accredited investors. This is one of the main reasons for its popularity. Groundfloor’s loans require very minimum inversion and give high-yield results. Groundfloor connects investors who are willing to invest in the short term with borrowers who want short-term financing for their real estate projects.


Evident ID


Evident ID’s team gathering for a group photo
Evident ID is the safest and most confidential way to verify all types of licenses.


Evident ID provides identity and credential verification on its secure platform. Evident ID enables companies to verify more than 3,000 types of professional licenses. With Evident ID, you won’t deal with sensitive personal data. Evident ID is an excellent way for businesses to decrease risk and to save money and time.




CraftCellr’s logo.
With CraftCellr, you can exponentially maximize your craft beer sales.


CraftCellr is a startup that seeks to modernize the selling process for the craft brewing industry. If you own a craft brewery, you can create a membership at CraftCellr that will give you access to a wide community of consumers. CraftCellr’s platform allows you to reward your best customers, run presales, and create special events that will engage your community with your brand. 




Sudu’s founder Amari Ruff
Sudu works with machine learning to create the most efficient platform for supply chains.


Sudu is a logistics and supply chain company that works with machine learning technology to provide predictive analysis and in-depth data. This helps companies increase supply process efficiency. Sudu is revolutionizing the supply chain industry with technologically-oriented shipping solutions. They also offer truckers upfront prices and fast payments.


Ionic Security


Ionic Security grey logo
Ionic lets developers implement powerful data access policy enforcement with just a few lines of code.


Ionic Security offers the first system of record for data access policy management, encryption key management, and real-time policy enforcement. Ionic Security calls this system “Machina.” With Machina, business organizations and government agencies can have scalable, sustainable, and consistent data protection, accelerating their innovation initiatives.


Ionic Security’s vision is to become the premier engine for handling and interacting with sensitive data, enabling a reality where good data governance is simple, expected, and universal. To do this, Ionic Security follows a set of core values that not only dictate how they operate but also spell out their name: integrity, ownership, no BS, innovation, and collaboration. 


Ionic Security was founded in 2011 and has raised a total of $162.4M in eight funding rounds.




User interface of Roadie’s app
Roadie is a crowdsourced delivery model.


Roadie is the first “on-the-way” delivery system. The company’s platform connects clients who want to deliver a product with drivers who are going in the right direction. This unique service allows drivers to win some money for delivering packages to places they were already going. And people who want to send a package will find Roadie to be a cheap and quick way to do it.  


Roadie knows that team members have lives outside of work. They believe that to show up as your best self at work, you have to take care of your whole self. Roadie’s benefits align with this philosophy; they make sure that their team members have competitive salaries, equity in the company, and great financial, family, and medical benefits. 


Roadie was founded in 2014 by Marc Gorlin and has raised $62 million




FullStory is the digital experience analytics that tell the story of your customer experience.


FullStory offers digital experience analytics, session replay, and heatmaps so companies can see a global picture of their customer experience. With FullStory’s services, business can easily see the causes of lost revenue. Another plus of FullStory’s platform is that it enables businesses to improve their user experience by providing clean data, a common vocabulary, and a shared canvas to analyze and resolve real digital experience problems. FullStory offers excellent benefits to its employees, including health plan options, retirement, and flexible work hours. 




SimpleShowing team members.
If you buy a house with Simple Showing, you can receive up to $15,000 back at closing.


SimpleShowing’s mission is to be a tech-powered brokerage that simplifies buying and selling homes. The SimpleShowing platform promises a 1% listing commission, an average buyer refund of $5,000, on-demand home tours, and experienced local agents. SimpleShowing is in five cities: Atlanta, Tampa, Orlando, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale. They are currently hiring real estate agents, software developers, and others.


SimpleShowing is a two-year-old company that has raised $1.6 million in funding. 


Instant Financial


Instant Financial logo
Your company’s employees can use Instant Financial cards to make payments at millions of locations.


Instant Financial has a mission to fix the pay frequency problem at its root by providing businesses with an instant pay platform and their employees with no-cost earned income access. Instant Financial is the leading earned wage access platform that allows employees to access their pay right after each shift. 


Instant Financial expects all their employees to live by their values, which are: integrity, to always do the right thing over what’s easier, service, and an urgency to help businesses stay competitive in today’s labor market. Instant Financial’s employee benefits and perks include competitive salaries; fun, team-centric work environments; first-class, comprehensive benefits for team members and their families; 401K matching (up to 6%); meaningful equity in the company early on; a generous referral program; offices with free drinks and snacks; and the ability to work from home.




GreenPrint’s team at an outing.
GreenPrint provides marketing and educational materials to create a sustainable platform for your business. 


GreenPrint’s mission is to intertwine business values with positive environmental impact. The things that make GreenPrint different is that they are constantly developing new ways to impact sustainability, they help you improve your reputation as a sustainable business, and their products offer fast results. GreenPrint services include programs to reduce carbon print, plastic waste production, and energy use. GreenPrint employees have many perks, like convenient offices, a casual office culture, flexible hours, snacks and drinks, and team happy hours and events. 




reality of SaaS environments
Forget about the common problems when dealing with SaaS environments. BetterCloud can do the hard work for you.


BetterCloud helps customers manage and secure SaaS (software-as-a-service) and cloud applications. Their services include centralized SaaS management, automation of routine processes, and listening to security threats. 


BetterCloud is looking for engineers, thinkers, makers, and collaborators who want to shape the future of SaaS technology. BetterCloud’s headquarters are in New York, but they also have offices in Atlanta and San Francisco, and they have job openings in all of these places. 


BetterCloud was founded in 2011 by David Politis and has raised $111.9 million since. 


Opua Technologies


Opua Technologies is a woman-owned company
Opua Technologies rallies champions for causes, mobilizes communities for change, and minimizes health risks across the globe.


Opua provides strategic marketing services specifically focused on corporate responsibility and social impact initiatives. Opua Technologies is a woman-owned business with a mission to help its customers raise awareness for good through exciting storytelling and marketing campaigns. Their services include branding, research, campaign strategy, and creative solutions. Opua Technologies maintains strong partnerships within the healthcare industry, offers a harmonized approach to multi-channel campaigns, and enhances reputations of businesses by advocating for you.


The Good Barber


The Good Barber app connects clients with barber shops
Barber shops and barber professionals can improve their business with The Good Barber app for $20/month.


The Good Barber is the future for barber shops and independent barber professionals. With The Good Barber App, users can now browse barber shops in different locations, check out client reviews, prices, and services, and can even book an appointment. The Good Barber platform helps barber professionals and shops minimize their losses with a no-show policy that allows them to get paid even when clients don’t show up. 


The Good Barber was founded just two years ago by Andre Walker. It has two locations: one in Atlanta and one in London.




Voxie helps you create one on one customer relationship
People call and email businesses, but they text friends and family. With Voxie, maximize customer relationships through text messages.


Voxie offers a platform that allows business organizations to text with their customers. With Voxie, companies can build meaningful relationships with their customers and maximize brand and retailer loyalty. Sometimes emails can feel robotic, but with text messages, customers will feel they are receiving personalized attention. Voxie has a 50% response rate and a 30% average click-thru rate.  Voxie was founded in 2018 by Bogdan Constantin.




Patientco’s office
Patientco developed an easy-to-use technology that ensures an effective payment process for healthcare companies.


Patientco is a tech-oriented financial company in the health industry. Patientco helps patients manage their healthcare bills with an easy-to-use, cloud-based platform. With Patientco, healthcare systems and companies can attract more patients because they’re improving the payment dynamic in the healthcare industry. Patientco’s mission is to create a better status quo for healthcare systems. 



TechBridge is an organization that is bringing innovative solutions to the tech world, by helping other organizations scale their technological potential. According to TechBridge’s mission statement “TechBridge applies tech solutions to nonprofits –separately and collectively– to help individuals and families living in low-income, low-opportunity communities break out of the cycle of generational poverty”. Some of TechBridge’s products include job training programs and inventory management.

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